Monday, September 19, 2011

She's Already Married

Hye there everyone >_<

I just want to story about "HER" today...
Yes her that I call Friend..
She's got married in early this month
I am really happy for her..
Sweet of you dear...

Kau tau kan, aku sanggup ambik EL tuk attend nikah ko..
Mesti ko terharu kan...ahakss (nk jugak mention)
Touching giler time nk balik tue, nape ko nangis????
Actually, aku nk nangis cover cepat2 angkat beg tuk balik...
Semalam dpt tidur bilik pengantin ko, sgt best..hahahha..
Even x cukup tidur, x cukup rest kita berdua tp aku nk ckp yg ko tetap berseri dihari perkahwinan ko..

Don't ask me why I'm writing about her, someone else wife but my friend yet become a mother...
I do remember when the time I had a tough time..
She stay beside me and lend her shoulder for me to cry,
Listen to my problem, do advice me so many things, remind me of what is wrong n what is right...
Yesss, I do remember everything..
Not even a single thing I forgot..I guess so..

Thanks dear,
Because invite me to your happy day,
The day you're married,
The day you're belong to someone else call "husband"
I'm really glad to stay beside U on your "Nikah" day

I would like to say it again..
"You are so beautiful"
Become a good wife n solehah one...
Doaku moga hubungan kalian berkekalan didunia&diakhirat...Amin

Dear Ida :

  • After this, sure x dpt jumpa ko dah...sbb Bak bw ko pindah kedah...sob..sob :(
  • After this, mesti x dpt nk hang out sesama kan...
  • After this, mesti ko dh jrg contack aku kan...
  • Whatever it is.....Be good n life good ok...

Allah :
  • Padamu Ya Allah, kau peliharalah persahabatan kami ini...redhailah ikatan perkahwinanNya....


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