Saturday, January 28, 2012


Disaat itu,
Seakan nafasku terhenti
Jantungku berdegup kencang seperti berlari dikejar dari belakang
Khabar yg diperolehi membuat kakiku seakan goyang,
Tubuh menggeletar, Otak beku dan mulut terkunci tiada terlahir bicara....

Ya Allah,
Hanya doa padaMu kupanjatkan sepanjang perjalanan
Kerisauan muncul di pangkal hati
Sukar untuk aku kikis agar ia berlalu pergi

Sehingga dia dihadapanku
Baru aku mampu menarik nafas kembali
Tenang setenang wajahnya kutatap lama
Aku harus kuat, dan aku tetap setia disisinya
Jujur dari hati, aku tidak bersedia menerima ketiadaanya disisi
Syukur kepadaNya, dia selamat dari "peristiwa" itu...

Aku sayang dia Ya Allah
Sungguh, aku sayang dia ABAHku
Sungguh, aku sayang dia MAK ku

In memory : 6hb Januari 2012


Kuala Terengganu - 21st January 2012

His already married, yessss...Wan Ahmad Firdus a.k.a Daus a.k.a Pit bull already married to Suzaliasa.
And because of that I'm at KT on this day.

Congratulation again big brother.
Be a good/soleh husband to your wife, a good future father and a great son ever.
Really happy for both of you.

Our journey started on Friday night with 2 cars.
K.eja, wawa, k.mesh and me in my car and K.ama with her husband in 1 car.
Both are meet at the Tol Karak and we drive from KL at 9pm...
We reached KT at 2am in the morning by the time everybody already sleep.
K.eeja, you make our night full of laughter n joyfull...that was awesome..
I can't deny that you a good driver..hehehe

Here some picture I copy from K.ama facebook..
Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera.

The theme : Purple White

Us with the Groom

My director's with his daughter

Daus dah kawen..huhuhuu

Finally we are here for your wedding
Return with peace

No more daus "perab" ...hehehe


 Makanan sedap itu dimana-mana.....ahaksss
More picture less words >_<

Kebab, rice, bread, fries and mayonnaise sauce 

Salad with olive, strawberry jam, honey, cheese....... 

Buah-buahan kering....Apricot itu sgt sedappppp



Honey in turkey very the delicious... 

The Sweet and Turkish delight

Tea with Honey -  demo at Hidrilik Hill


Crispy outside and inside very soft....fresh sgttttt....

Cappuccino Latte...Nice

I told before there's no chili sauce at turkey but they have chili flakes 

Potato wedges.....but no cheesy at the top

Foods Lover
Ayu Ibrahim was here...


This entry is continuous from the previous one...
Again about Turkey...

 Day 6 - 27th December 2011
As usual, we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel and after the breakfast the tour begin..
First place we went for today is "HOUSE OF VIRGIN MARY". This place located at Mt Koressos.
Turkey people and khatolik people believe that John brought Virgin Mary here to spend her last days here.
Some of people also spread the rumors or maybe that was fact that become history today where one of "father" (paderi) had a dream here about the virgin mary..
Who knows the truth accept Allah..But we Muslim do not believe this kind of things....


I am in front of  the drinking water pipe represent of Wealth, Fire and 3 pipes and I'm at the Love one (Aku x minum pon, tgk saje)

Ada satu port yang betul2 menarik perhatian aku kat sini..
Dia mcm wall of wish, kiranya similar mcm kat Korea ada "padlock" tuk love wish.
Kat sini most of the people tulis atas kertas apa yg diaorg wish dlm hidup, mcm doa mereka lah..
Tp sebagai umat Islam, I advice x perlu lah put your doa in this wall...It's nice to see this kind of things..
Rare and x ada di M'sia...

Their wish (People pray in the diff ways)

The Wish Wall

Pas penat memusing dekat House of Virgin Mary kitaorg pergi ke next destination. Visit to "EPHESUS".
Ephesus an ancient Greek city, and later major Roman city, on the west coast of Asia Minor. Dekat Ephesus nie, mostly korang just boleh walk around, hirup udara segar, nikmati pemandangan, ketahui dan pelajari history and the most important thing is camera whore every where....but sekeliling dipenuhi batu2, column2, beam2 and arch....

Rock City

Boleh tak korang imagine mcm mana manusia pada zaman dahulu boleh buat bangunan semegah dan sekukuh ini even that time tak ada pon jentera2 besar dan teknologi canggih seperti hari ini....Fikir2 kan dan selamat beramal

Around 5.30pm we went to Kusadasi to had a night there...
From Pamukkale to Kusadasi took around 2 1/2 hours by bus and 189km..

 Day 7 - 28th December 2011
Kitaorg visit "ACROPOLIS" on the 7 day. Acropolis is located at Pergamum and certainly dramatic, perched a top a high, steep-sided hill at the eastern reaches of the modern city.
Dekat sini gak ada a great temples and a huge and large theater, and it's also visible from anywhere in the city.
Klu korang jerit dari pentas dia, boleh dengar sound of gema. Seem mcm application of acoustic system.

Sama jugak dekat "ALTAR OF ZEUS". Another one kota batu which is diconstructed by Eymenes II sekitar tahun 197-159BC. This place also a memorial of Pergamum's victory masa zaman Galatians pada zaman pemerintahan Attalus I.
(Penah dah citer sejarah batu2 nih...x abes lagi nih, ada lagi kota batu lepas nie, it's so k...sharing ilmu dapat pahala apa kan)
Klu ada info yang x betui tue sorry la kan, aku dapat dari tour guide aku and a few from books n booklet yg aku dapat....hikhik

Nie best, sbb ada kuda besaq..
Sapa tahu??? silalah teka...
Ada dulu filem pasal Kuda nie, Tom Cruise berlakon wei....ingat x????

Sure uolls malas fikir kan...
Okay2, we drive to TROY for our last destination of the day.
A bit about Troy, the entrance to archaeological ancient city of Troy (ancient Ilion) where Greek and Trojan heroes fought the Trojan War for the honor of the beautiful Helen, also known as "the face that launched a thousand ships"
Tour guide kitaorg ada gak citer pasal kisah kanak2 lelaki yang dibuang ke bukit aku dh x bape nak ingat jalan cier Troy nih. Moral of the story, kena tgk balik citer TROY la jawabnyer..
(okay pi cari skang, jap2, abeskan baca blog aku dulu!!!!)

Aku di dalam kuda kayu terbesar...besar ke?? sangat okay

Day 8 - 29th December 2011
Canakkale - Istanbul (507KM)

What a long journey....
From Canakkale we took a ferry to the city side. About 45minutes in the ferry.
Then a long drive to Istanbul, +- 5hours...
At Istanbul we visit "BLUE MOSQUE". This mosque is the masterwork of Ottoman architecture and the only mosque in the world with siz minarets and famous for its blue tiles..
The design superb fantastic and awesome..serious x tipu, chandelier dia sebesar2 yang boleh...siap leh turun and naikkan..
Nak masuk dalam mosque nie pon after prayer time, ada masa lawatan, then kasut lak kena bukak masukkan dalam plastik....

Beside the Mosque is the location of  magnificent "ST.SOFIA MUSEUM"....
Ayu pernah cerita pasal St.Sofia Museum nie dlm previous do remembered k..
Kami x berkesempatan nk melawat "Topkapi Palace" disebabkan kekangan masa...sume otak dah aim ke "GRAND BAZAAR" more important :)

But one more important thing is "BOSPHORUS CRUISE".
We had booked for private basis to board the cruise..opkos x leh membazir..ahakss
Special about cruise nie sbbnyer korang leh tgk Turkey in 2 side - EUROPE and ASIAN..
Pemandangan sepanjang cruise nie sgt2 mengujakan..
Rumah2 di pinggir laluan boat nie indah2 and cantek2 sangat..A few istana raja tersergam indah..
I love the view there, if you had a lot of money pon belom tentu dapat beli tanah kat tepi2 laluan selat tue...
Indah nyer ibarat lukisan didepan mata, and my boss ckp Venice pon x secantek nie...

Posing jap with the boss

View from the Cruise - Europe side

If I'm not mistaken this is one of Palace

This building actually a Palace...There's are few of palace belong to diff king along the sea side 

Palace again

The bridge....kat sepanjang jambatan nie ada orang memancing, even during winter.

Last check point and our last destination for the whole trip is "GRAND BAZAAR"
Bazaar nie tutup pada setiap hari Ahad..and for the info this bazaar is one of oldest and largest indoor bazaar. With over 3,000 shops here. Korang leh dapatkan pa sahaja koleksi daripada buatan tangan sehingga ke kulit, barangan kemas, perhiasan, antik, lukisan, cenderamata and etc..
The most important thing kena pandai bargain okay...
And watch out okay sbb org2 Turkey nie terlebih mesra and gatalnya....especially for women, kena beware...

1st Gate, our meeting check point before enter/left the Bazaar


Day 10 - Arrived at KLIA at 8.45am, safely touch down with full of memories.....

Memori tercipta dikongsi bersama...
Impian  : dapat kembali kesini semula bersama insan bergelar suami tercinta..Insyaallah

ayu ibrahim

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Holla there!!!
I'm back to story about the "TURKEY" again...
Previous entry just until day 3 right, now I'll continue with a few days after that...

3rd Day - 24 Dec 2011
Early in the morning, we are transfered for "Hot Air Balloon" ride. It takes around 10minutes from our hotel to the place for the balloon ride. We had light breakfast before the explorer begin.
The pilot gave us briefing and safety procedures before the van took us to the hill.
Seriously, that was amazing experience I ever air balloon during winter+the huge balloon for 24 capacity of humans...

Picture capture before the ride...
with the pilot
Muke aku lagi...
Duk atas balloon dh time nie..

Ada belon terbang lagi tinggi dr ours

Bukit2 batu yang berpattern n berpintu

Belon lagi......

Helium gas are used for the fire....korang x tgk tank dia, besar gabak~~ 

Celebration after the landing....Grape juice

Not only drinks..also have cakes, choose either chocolate or fruit cake

Complete with success

After that, we are transfer back to hotel for heavy breakfast, and the rest of the day after that is the process for "City Tour"
Our tour guide brought us to visit "GOREME OPEN AIR MUSEUM'. This museum mostly to explore the moon-like landscape which is the unique and have the element of ancient area with hundreds of chapels carved....
I got the chance to walk into the cave through the hillside and our guide story about the religious colonies at here dated back around 373 AD...The cave slightly dark n the area of separation location are labelled for tourist to easily identify..
Theres a few old church located here...

Cak3x... (nk jugak kansss) Haruss okay ada muke aku!!

About 2 hours there, we move to visit "KAYMALK UNDERGROUND CITY"
This place actually was built to accommodate some half of a million people during the Roman Empire occupation and is linked by underground tunnels to other cities..
The tunnels was so long and you can see the light and candle everywhere when u enter the tunnels.
Opppss...I almost forgot that K.lieza camera fall down during our visit into the tunnels...
Then we went to POTTERY place, CERAMIC HANDCRAFT...bla...bla...bla....
Then back to hotel n waiting for the night time~~~~

Turkey people believe that man can only married if they know how to make pottery....

How they colour the cotton.... 

Tonight is the show time.
We had our dinner at the hotel and went to special cave restaurant for the "BELLY DANCING PERFORMANCE".
I'm really enjoyed the fascinating dancing...hahahahahha...
I paste some photo for you guys...


Traditional dance
The belly dancer, sorang jer pon~~tapi.......

Sexy giler kansss...then just enough, kang aku letak byk2 berpeluh korang tgk lak~~~hehehe

4th Day - 25 Dec 2011
Today we will go throughast our a log bus journey again.
We enjoyed our breakfast at the hotel and after breakfast our group transfered to KONYA..
Upon arrival, we proceed to KONYA KERVANSAY....a museum again..
Then we visit "MEVLANA MUSEUM" or we called MAULANA.
This museum also known as the "Green Mausoleum or Green Dome. It is the original tekke or lodge of the Maulana Whirling Dervishes, a mystical Sufi Muslim group...
Until now, I still can remembered everything in this museum..from sekecil2 Al-Quran sehingga sebesar2 naskah Al-Quran...dari tulisan tangan sehingga lah ke cetakan komputer, dr helaian kertas sehinggahlah pancaran LCD...
The most important part, ayu paling tak boleh lupakan bau rambut Rasullullah saat ayu mencium kotak rambut tersebut..Helaian rambut nabi yang tersimpan kemas di kotak museum dicium melalui penjuru lubang kotak yg dkecik, tp baunya harum sangat...beratus tahun tapi baunya kekal kehari ini..SubahanAllah..
I'm impressed..

outside the museum..

The replica 

We move to visit "ALAETTIN MOSQUE" but suddenly k.betty had a heart problem..
We stuck there and rushing to the nearest private hospital..
Thank to Allah, we already took precaution before we travel there...each of us was covered by insurance, if not we have to pay by using our own money. The cost for medical at Turkey is very-very expensive, so I advice all of you that have plan to go there please cover yourself with insurance.
It's really2 important, we never know what will happen...
So, the planned change....we not went to ANTALYA but stayed at KONYA for that night..
RIXOS hotel is our destination for that night..
Alhamdullilah, K.betty discharge with doctor permission...

5th Day - 26 Dec 2011
Group direct proceeds to Pamukkale..
The distance from Konya to Pamukkale is around 550km...
Upon arrival at PAMUKKALE we went to sightseeing tour to visit "HIERAPOLIS"
And then went to COTTON CASTLE, a place with a magical and spectacular natural site here and there. It's really unique in the world and is well-known for it's marvelos white lime cascades formed by hot mineral spring...
Sumenyer cantek2 disini...melihat batu pon cantek...aku pon x paham, but mmg cantek landskap dia~~

Mineral lake...

kena buka kasut klu nk jalan atas nih


Con't to the next chapter...