Saturday, January 28, 2012


Kuala Terengganu - 21st January 2012

His already married, yessss...Wan Ahmad Firdus a.k.a Daus a.k.a Pit bull already married to Suzaliasa.
And because of that I'm at KT on this day.

Congratulation again big brother.
Be a good/soleh husband to your wife, a good future father and a great son ever.
Really happy for both of you.

Our journey started on Friday night with 2 cars.
K.eja, wawa, k.mesh and me in my car and K.ama with her husband in 1 car.
Both are meet at the Tol Karak and we drive from KL at 9pm...
We reached KT at 2am in the morning by the time everybody already sleep.
K.eeja, you make our night full of laughter n joyfull...that was awesome..
I can't deny that you a good driver..hehehe

Here some picture I copy from K.ama facebook..
Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera.

The theme : Purple White

Us with the Groom

My director's with his daughter

Daus dah kawen..huhuhuu

Finally we are here for your wedding
Return with peace

No more daus "perab" ...hehehe

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