Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Transition to ISO 9001:2008

Date : 18-19 April 2012
Venue : Perunding Unikon Office

Can you all define what is the meaning of ISO??
There's are different between Quality Assurance and Quality Control..
For that reason, everyone in the office are compulsary to attend this "class"
(Ingatkan zaman belajar jer ada kuliah, dah kerja pon ada lagi..even lagi lama)

Brief explanation,
ISO stand for International Organization for Standardization
For some purposed, especially to make alive our ISO license and certificate, this class must be conduct.

Let see what happen...

Our instructor devide us into 4 group... and in my group mr.boss, k.amalina, hazira n k.rozza
"Lady Gaga" - not relevant the name with the course, blame the boss.....coz his suggested the name without consider our opinion!! 

Group "Man U"

Group "Faizal Angles"


The "2 angry Birds + bird Nest" ...LOL

Presentation time....

At the beginning or instructor said that " this will be the bored class ever"
but u totally wrong....
She's been influence since 5 minutes season start..
And we feel grateful and honored she inform we are the best team dia pernah bagi class..
LOL : live out laugh...

no words "bored" in UNIKON  

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